The ZenVow team working with a team of layers just filed a PCT International Patent application. "The present application describes a computerized reward system based on decentralized ledger block-chain technology for rewarding user behaviour beneficial to health...

Today money/currency is synonymous of inequality, exploitation, corruption, greed and overall negative Karma [1]. Through deep insight and analysis the truth reveals its self, the fundamental core problem of money today is that it can be hoarded and accumulated indefinitely, this main characteristic allows for it to be passed on from one generation to the next, this somewhat inoffensive characteristic is the root of all problems regarding money distribution, it allows and drives inequality by design, rigging the game for new generations that do not have money in the family, thus feeding and motivating exploitation, greed and corruption.

This paper describes a human generated time dependent digital monetary system based on Decentralized Ledger Block-Chain or centralized Technology. This new form of money allows for financial inequality to be a mathematical impossibility and serves as a base for a Global Basic Income.

This new system works as a tool to facilitate and incentivize the transition from an era of crisis, to an era of awakening to the reality of global unity and oneness, for the benefit of all [1].


  Global Basic Income A Human Generated Time Dependent Digital Currency Approach

GovTech is a Government initiative that aims to reward and support innovative products and services created by startups that fit the solution of one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in a national response to the challenges facing the world. The prizes for each of the 3 winners are € 30,000; collaboration protocol with the State of Portugal to develop and test the product or service; Space in a national incubator; Support for internationalization; Access to 2 Alpha tickets for Websummit and the possibility of exposing the product or service during a day at the event. GOVTECH .

Aldric Negrier and Luis Carlos interview on the next big idea television show in Portugal. Brodcast on national television in Portugal. (ZenVow. Com este sensor vai receber dinheiro (virtual) por respirar, meditar e fazer ioga) The Next Big Idea