A revolutionary reward system for monitoring Breathing, Sports and Fitness, Yoga, General Human Physical Activity and Meditation practice using Decentralized Blockchain Technology



A team of passionate dedicated light workers have been working on this idea for almost 14 months


Revolutionary Beyond Belief

Finally an Ethical Cryptocurrency using Altruistic Blockchain Technology

Financial Motivation

Financial rewards will constantly re-spark motivation to keep healthy "sports" practice routines

Redesigning the Economy

Cryptocurrency rewards for healthy practices, practical application of Humanitarian Buddhist Economics

zenvow sensor yoga senor yoga position sensor yoga posture sensor

ZenVow Sensor

Monitor and recognition for Breathing, Yoga, Fitness and General Human Physical Activity.

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Zenvow Sensor Technology

Personal Biometric Sensor

zenvow sensor yoga senor yoga position sensor yoga posture sensor


Respiratory Effort Sensor

Detects the expansion and contraction of the chest or stomach. This data is then used to create interactive color and sound therapy in order to generate a relaxed state of mind.


Sports, Fitness, Yoga Posture and General Human Physical Activity Sensor

The strap detects the user’s posture using a built in inertial measurement unit, this allows to validate Sports, Fitness and Yoga postures as well as the meditation posture and general human physical activity.


Vibration Alerts

The ZenVow sensor has built in vibration alerts for interactive feedback. The strap is one size fits all and very comfortable and compact.

zenvow sensor yoga senor yoga position sensor yoga posture sensor

ZenVow Meditation Pad

Revolutionary Interactive Color Therapy Meditation Sessions

The ZenVow Meditation Pad Technology

Inovative Interactive color therapy

zenvow meditation pad smart meditation pad smart meditation gadget smart meditation tech


Interactive Color therapy

The ZenVow Meditation Pad is a smart interactive meditation pad, equipped with very bright LEDs for interactive Chromo therapy sessions


Smart meditation pad

The meditation pad is very comfortable and compact with built in battery and wireless connection.


Vibration alerts

The meditation pad has built in vibration alerts for interactive feedback. Also used to terminate and start a session.

zenvow meditation pad smart meditation pad smart meditation gadget smart meditation tech

ZenVow Coins

Human Health Generated Time Dependent Digital Currency (Patent Pending)

Earn money Breathing, doing Sports, Fitness, Yoga, General Human Physical Activity

zenvow coin zenvow token zenvow reward

- Generated from health and compassion

- Helping create awakened civilization

- Revolutionary distribution(Patent Pending)

- Human generated Currency

- Humanitarian Global Basic Income

zenvow bitcoin

- Generated from intensive computing

- Not helping create awakened civilization

- Not a fair distribution

- No human connection

- No human connection




Finally a Revolutionary Blockchain Killer App

Enabling a global shift to higher consciousness



Humanitarian Buddhist Economics

Blockchain Proof of Work + Zenvow Proof of Practice





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ZenVow App

Monitoring and recognition for Breathing, Fitness, Yoga, General Sports Body Movements and Meditation Sessions

Breathing recognition/lessons

Experience interactive guided or automated breathing sessions/recognition using the ZenVow sensor.

Yoga, Fitness General Sports Body Movements

Built in automated fitness, Yoga posture and General Sports Body Movements recognition

Interactive guided Meditation sessions

The application allows for interactive breathing and color therapy before each guided meditation session.

zenvow app zenvow software

Integrated wallet

The application allows users to receive and spend ZenVow rewards directly for the ZenVow application onto the Blockchain.

Scheduling Group sessions

Use the application to share your location in order to schedule group sessions with other ZenVow users near you.

Acess ZenVow Meditation Resort Bookings

Use the ZenVow App in order to book a stay at one of the ZenVow Meditation Resorts near you.

ZenVow Meditation Resorts

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Our Mission, Vision and Values


The short version: Overdosing in love and compassion



The long version:


Un-Employ and liberate 1.2 to 2.4 Billion Wage Slaves (our Beloved Brothers and Sisters)

Radically redesign the World Economy towards equality

Help spread love, compassion and health through technology

Enable Civilization 2.0



The team of passionate dedicated Light Workers that want to change the World.


zenvow Luis Carlos

Luis Carlos


Co-Founder of the ZenVow Project. Has a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, passionate maker, Computer Vision programmer, electronics expert, 3D printing, and much more. Strong believer that technology and innovation can be a force for good.

zenvow Aldric Negrier zenvow resort zenvow meditation resort

Aldric Negrier

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder of the ZenVow Project. Extremely passionate BlockChain Altruist, has a Master’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, open source advocate. Probably a Buddhist in the past life and hopefully one in the next.

zenvow Hugo Barros

Hugo Barros

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Hugo Barros, PHD candidate in Innovation and Land Management, currently manager o transfer technology officer in UALG

zenvow Jean Christophe

Jean-Christophe Giger

Doctor of Psychology

Jean has a PHD In Social Psychology with honors, also has a Master Degree in Cognitive & Social Psychology

zenvow Sergio Silva

Sergio Silva

Chief Information Officer

Dedicated Professional, has a Degree in computer and system engineering, more directly in the field of system administrator, Project Management, system integrator and programmer. He also works in IOT and artificial intelligence apply to energy efficiency.

zenvow Guilherme Weishar

Guilherme Weishar

Permaculture Deseginer

My mission in this project is to develop self-regulating systems that provide food for the ZenVow Meditation Resorts and integrate the Permaculture mindset in the educational component of the project.

zenvow renata cortes

Renata Cortês

Meditation Teacher

Graduated in Exercise and Health from the Faculty of Human Motricity. Has a TDI Certificate from Instructor in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program created by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn in 1979.

zenvow ricardo alves

Ricardo Alves

Software Development

Passionate Software developer, has a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

zenvow ines rodriges

Ines Gago Rodrigues

Hatha Yoga

Ines has a PHd in Molecular Biology and Gene Regulation, and is a certified yoga practitioner

zenvow helder duarte

Helder Simões Duarte

Eletronics developer

Master in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering with a passion in developing embedded electronic circuits.

zenvow dominic santos

Dominic Santos

Software Developer

Self taught Blockchain developer and very talented Software developer

zenvow preet chatta

Pritpal Singh

Vegan Chef

Talented Vegan Chef, with expertise in vegetarian Indian cuisine. Will be working on preparing healthy organic menus for all ZenVow meditation resort visitors.

Partners and Advisors.

zenvow João Guerreiro

Prof. Dr. João Guerreiro

PHD Professor in Economic Sciences, Agrarian Economics

Former Dean of the University of Algarve Member of the National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development 2007 in Portugal

zenvow antonio ruano

Prof. Dr. Antonio Ruano

PHD Professor in Electronic Engineering

Professor of Control Systems, Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Control and Instrumentation/modeling, Artificial intelligence .

zenvow rui costa

Prof. Dr. Rui Graça e Costa

PHD Professor in Civil Engineering

A Civil Engineer sice 1992, with professional background in planning building structures and urban infrastructures. The use of recycled materials and the design of reusable structural components is a preferential field of investigation.

zenvow fransico leao

Francisco da Cunha Leão


A Senior Architect at ARS Arquitectos, with large experience in urban planning with coordination with landscape design. He is specialized in the development of site friendly urban areas and their interaction with human utilization together with their environmental integration.